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The medicine industry is recognized as one of the most promising international high-tech industries and one of the fastest growing sunrise industries in world trade. Pharmaceutical industry, biomedical engineering industry and pharmaceutical e-commerce industry are the pillars of modern pharmaceutical industry.
Pharmaceutical is a process of research, development and production of drugs by combining multi-disciplinary theory and advanced technology with scientific and modern mode. In addition to biopharmaceuticals, chemical drugs and Traditional Chinese medicine also occupy a certain proportion in the pharmaceutical industry.
LEVIN solutions:
Based on client’s specific requirement, Hoosun can provide customized service starting from tailored engineering, procurement, site installation, test run till to the handover and after sales service. Customization guarantee client’s real needs can be fully demonstrated.
LEVIN creatively proposes a 3F(Fast, Flexible, Future)flexible factory model to create a fast and flexible future smart factory, dedicated to helping customers achieve green, environment friendly and safe intelligent production models.