Daily chemical products

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 Daily chemical products refer to scientific and technological chemicals used in People's Daily life, including shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics, washing powder and so on.
 Daily chemical products refer to daily chemicals, which are scientific and technological chemicals commonly used by people on daily days, including shampoo, shower gel, skin care, hair care, cosmetics, washing powder and so on. According to the use frequency or scope of articles, they can be divided into necessities of life (or daily necessities) and luxuries. According to the use, there are: toiletries, household articles, kitchen and toilet articles, decorative articles, cosmetic articles and so on.
 With the improvement of people's living standard, the purchasing power of daily chemical industry has developed greatly. Daily necessities include cosmetics, detergents, oral daily chemicals, special cleaners and so on. The development of daily cosmetics will be more detailed and more functional.

 LEVIN Daily chemical products production line work steps:
 1, Pre-dispersion: material will be in a certain ratio to enter the mixing tank for full mixing.
 2, Mixing: after the mixing medium is pre-mixed with the wet processed into the sand mill’s grinding drum, the abrasive media will be in intense friction, collision, shear status with high grinding speed, high grinding fineness.
 3, if necessary adding proper amount of additive, in order to reach the standard requirements of chemical products.
 4, Filling, weighing and packing: automatically canned, weighed, packing processes.