Pesticide SC& Agrochemical

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       Agrochemical material can be divided into insecticide, fungicide and herbicide and fertilizers. And by different formulation, there are suspension concentrate(SC), OD, EC, EW, FS, SL, Plant growth regulator, liquid fertilizer.
      Pesticide suspension concentrate, shorted as SC, includes fungicide, herbicide, insecticide. Pesticide SC formulation has become one of the most popular pesticide formulation. Different with traditional type of pesticide, SC has better actions on the plants and more environment friendly, so now pesticide makes are transferring from traditional production to SC formulation production. The commons sizes for pesticide SC are D90<5um, D90<10um, D90<3um.
     LEVIN has a strong non-standard design ability, for pesticide, disinfectant, herbicide, fungicide, insecticide, rodenticide, mildew antibacterial agent and other manufacturers to provide personalized automatic complete sets of equipment.  
     LEVIN solutions:
     For the diversification of product types, LEVIN can according to customer production and process requirements, combined with the production site conditions, to make a complete set of equipment to meet customer needs.  
    LEVIN Pesticide&Disinfectant core technology: 
   1. The low speed stirring and high speed dispersing and shearing separately or in combination of multi-function reaction kettle can improve the mixing efficiency and uniformity.  
   2. The revolution of the double spiral cone mixer spindle and the rotation of the two spiral axes make the mixing cylinder without dead Angle and carry out efficient mixing.  
   3. The linear dynamic emulsification is carried out by the in-line emulsifier to produce more homogeneous products.  
   4. Filling, weighing and packing: automatically canned, weighed, packing processed.